Soooo... here's my story.

I was 25 when my first nephew, Hunder was born. He was a precious angel. He called me "Mo." And that my friends, was history! His brother, Hayden, also called me Mo, as well as most of my friends and family upon hearing this name from my nephews. And along came Jake. Jake was the third of my sister's sons, and he was a cotton-topped angel. Jake was always happy; just a fireball of energy, exuding sunshine. When he was two years old, his belly started swelling. I can remember that day like yesterday. It was Memorial Day, and Staci, my sister, had him at the ER to just have is checked out. The next day, we were on a plane headed to St. Jude. I stayed with them for about 75% of the time, it seemed, so all the staff there only knew me as Mo. Jake was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma, which is a cancerous tumor of the liver. Jake lived two years. During his life, we rallied as a family and community to draw awareness to pediatric caner, raise money for St. Jude, and BELIEVED in a cure. I was in charge of letting the world know about Jake's current situation through a website called Caring Bridge. 4.4 million people logged on to follow the story. I ended every blog post as "Mo."

From the blogging days, I was able to connect with good-hearted people all over the world who still make up a “tribe” who order canvases from me for special events in their lives, ask me to make them symbolic jewelry (talismans), and who still recognize the importance of 11:11, which came to be my calling card from Heaven to let me know that all is well in the world, straight from my own little guardian angel.  So, now you understand why I use “MO” in my titles, as a signature on my artwork, and even in the names of my businesses.  As for MoJoy.  When Jake left this earth, physically, he was sending us messages!  My sister won a huge amount of money within two months of his death.  My mom won a convertible sports car within about 4 months of his death on a drawing!  My sister was pregnant with a little girl three months later.  And I was offered two precious little girls via adoption, which have come to be the greatest gifts of my life.  I’d say our family was being given every opportunity to be JOYous in the face of the tragedy of losing Jake.  And I believe that was a life lesson!  I knew then and I stand by it now, that MO will be the way I can honor Jake’s life and have the world remember his little presence on the earth.  


MoCo is the name I use for my coaching company.  I offer personal coaching which is primarily to help people rise above their limited beliefs and low level thinking.  I will not come into agreement with their struggles, rather, help them shift from victim mentality (be it financial, health, relationships, personal growth, relationships, whatever!)to VICTOR mentality.  I preach and BELIEVE that prosperity thinking is so much more powerful and fulfilling than going through life  with a spirit and mindset of lack.  My passion is usually contagious, and I’ve seen great changes through coaching individuals as well as companies and leaders. I primarily teach using John Maxwell’s philosophy and materials.  I was certified as a John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer in 2012.  I love that he is Christian, constantly growing, has no thoughts of retirement and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and keep growing too!


A little additional backstory… I started my adult life as an advertising design major in college.  I loved art and thought I wanted to pursue it as my career.  As it turned out, fate (there’s no such thing… ALL things work to for the good…!!) showed me an open door, and I stepped through it, to become a physical therapist.  At 25, I began my own company, Melanie Massey Physical Therapy, which has been thriving and growing for almost 20 years.  I now have 50 employees and 5 clinics across north Louisiana.  I have never really seen work as work and play as play.  I see them both as just living.  Because of that, the environment at MMPT is playful, uplifting, and highly encouraging.  The staff has the freedom to throw a party for just about anything and anyone.  We CELEBRATE every small milestone.  I have LOVED being a PT, and continue to love contributing the growth of my staff, through masterminding with them every Wednesday at lunch and having dedicated time every Thursday morning to teach leadership principles to my leaders. Our mission statement “Joyfully use your gifts to brighten the lives of others” has become my personal mantra, as I am also a huge proponent of helping others find what they are strongest in and most passionate about and pursuing it with all their might.  This, I believe, makes the world a more JOYFUL place and makes each person contribute to their team and ultimately humanity, the very specific gifts, which God used when designing them, to share!


I, Melanie Massey Groves, aka MO, began studying personal growth at the ripe ol’ age of 11, when my Poppa, a southern Baptist preacher, sent me monthly cassette tapes from Zig Ziglar.  I listened to them, but had no idea then the impact they would have on my life.  I now know that feeding your mind and spirit with the right information is KEY to changing your heart, amplifying your spirit, and creating a very powerful attraction in the universe for good things to come your way!  I am ready to share with you how to get the BEST out of life!  I want you living into your potential!!  You have been created for GREATNESS.