Created to Create: Make Your Life a Masterpiece


Created to Create: Make Your Life a Masterpiece


MoJoy Retreat: November 15-17, 2019

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I am entering what must be my 10th year of women’s retreats, and anyone who has ever been to a MoJoy art retreat can attest that no two are ever alike. And our November retreat is no exception!

The focus of this retreat is “Harnessing your imagination to create the future you want”. It has been a theme this entire year, as I even used the phrase, “You are the creator of your future” as the vision statement for Melanie Massey Physical Therapy!

I love the concept that we are designed in the image of the great Creator. Because of that, we have inherent creative natures as well. I am a student of the Napoleon Hill classic, Think and Grow Rich. We will be talking about imagination, desire, and the subconscious mind.

Sometimes people decide they “aren’t right” for the retreat because they don’t feel that they are “artistic“. Usually, these are the same ones who leave and have totally shocked themselves when they have unlocked a forgotten creativity that was inside of them all along. In turn, they use their newly awakened creativity to create projects and discover new ideas on how to create a bold future.

There is an energy that is palpable when a group of women come together for the purpose of creating! Anyone who studies energy knows that creativity takes place on a high vibration. When the room is abuzz with people all striving for this, the studio is exciting, happy, curious, willing and downright blissful!

The same way one uses her imagination to start with a blank canvas or journal and ends with a piece of art, she can also imagine a future that has not happened yet and fill in the blanks with the thoughts and feelings that will help create the life she wants. I will give you particular thinking points and areas of your life to help prompt you in your art journals and in your imaginative visualization of what could be.

You will be creating an art journal, which we will fill with art techniques and inspired ideas. In this retreat, there will be many self reflective questions asked to spur your imagination on. You will have time to think through what it is you really want. There will also be an additional art project that will allow time for your creative free play! And by the way, did you know there’s some research that proves that we can manifest the things in our imagination more quickly when we feel them deeply and when we are being playful?

This year, my intention is that we will take a field trip to the lake and spend an evening on the pontoon, (if we can get Captain Todd to cooperate!). I am envisioning an evening with a cheese and meat tray and some really cool, smooth music! There will be additional opportunities for you to partake in a massage by Chelsea, a licensed massage therapist who many of you met at my last retreat. You will also have the opportunity to partake in a guided meditation as well.

We will certainly be talking about levels of consciousness, (which some call the emotional scale), and how important it is that you learn to be aware of your emotions and regulate yourself toward the highest vibration possible.

Lunch on Friday and Saturday will be provided. Dinner will be provided on Friday nightand breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. We will likely go out to a restaurant together on Saturday night.

We have room for 12 people in this retreat. Typically, it fills up fairly quickly. I look forward to the interesting mix that is the determinant of the collective consciousness of the event. It’s always fun to see how that mix affects the art and brings about new thinking for every person involved.

I look forward to playing with you!


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