• I loved the information, presentation, real-life examples and positivity.  I have learned to be intentional. I loved learning and exploring that chapter. Especially realated to the gaps - big wake up call for me. The Law of Awareness was equally significant overall. Now I am aware of tools to use for my life, future and goals. And I know how to be intentional and stay our of the growth gap traps. (And now I want all the JM books!)


  • This Mastermind Group has ignited my awareness of my self-worth to strive beyond my potential. The information is priceless and Melanie is always entertaining!


  • Made me think deeper about myself. This meeting at times was emotional, but in a good way. I know things that I want to do but really have no confidence in myself, but now I do! I don't know where I'm going to go from here, PT, OT, nursing, who knows, but instead of crying about it and being afraid that they will tell me no, I'm going for it and they will tell me YES! I  know now I need to really understand myself and use the Law of the Mirror then move forward! This meeting is so life changing!

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  • This being my first group meeting, each one hit me in a different way. I've been just going day by day instead of truly living and bettering myself!


  • This helps you open up to new ideas and think about where you can grow and how to grow. Helped me see where my barriers were and how to overcome to increase growth. I highly recommend this for every management level and higher!


  • Melanie Massey (Groves) is an excellent communicator and influencer of people. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from her leadership class. I feel more aware of my strengths and how to develop my business going forward. I would highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to expand their sphere of influence.


  • My loans closed went from $550k to over $1 million in the same time period by using the Strengthsfinder on my team. (I) realized how much power is contained with positive energy.


  • Being a part of Melanie's mastermind group has opened my eyes to how I perceive good leadership skills. It has definitely increased my awareness of my own need to improve my leadership qualities!