The Seed: Unleash Your Creative Potential

Do you know your goals for the future?

Do you have dreams but think there is no way you can actually make them happen?

Do you feel trapped by the facts and circumstances of your life?

Do you recognize the potential within you?

The Seed is a creative and purposeful two day retreat designed to use art and creativity to inspire you to be the best version of you.  Fun and engaging lessons and activities will be utilized to encourage soul-searching and dreaming bigger. Expect to stretch yourself as an entire room has been reserved for creation.  You will leave with four projects that will anchor the learning from the weekend and stretch you in your awareness and giftedness.  

You are fully resourced with everything you need to reach your potential. The seed of the life you were created to live and the purpose you were designed to fulfill is planted within you.  Come learn to nourish and grow that seed to reach your highest good.  Be equipped with the tools to discover and unleash the potential inside of you! Explore the use of creativity and imagination, not only in art, but in reaching our dreams.  Your life is your greatest masterpiece.  Create the life you were intended to live.  Make your mark on the world around you.

Make plans now to come grow with us on 11/11 & 11/12 at The Seed:  Unleash Your Creative Potential!!


*There are limited spaces available to stay at Melanie's house.  This is an additional cost of $200, to be paid once you arrive.  If you would like to reserve your spot, email or call Mojoy Studio at 318-884-8334.